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Natural attraction.

Ah nature. This boy bird woos girl birds by pretending to be other birds. And when that doesn’t work he pretends to be other things all together. Like a camera. And a chainsaw.

That’s sad. That bird should be comfortable being his own bird, right? He should have a call all his own, that girl birds would hear and know as his specific call. They would be attracted to that boy bird for being the strong, confident boy bird that he is and not because he can sound like other birds, that they might also be attracted to.

But they wouldn’t be. The girl birds all want to be with whatever bird can pretend to be the most interesting thing. They want to be with whatever bird can trick them into thinking they’re a cooler bigger bird (or an angrier, more dangerous chainsaw.) They don’t want to be the sincere bird. Even if that sincere bird has a strong attractive call.

But under their feathers they’re all the same bird. They all taste like chicken.

All that sound means is that that bird has put more time into ignoring what it is that makes him special and instead become amazing at mimicking what makes every other bird special. And all those other birds were doing was mimicking the call that their parent birds taught them was the most attractive call. So no birds are special.

Because female birds don’t want a special bird. They want to be tricked.

Maybe every bird does.

It’s natural.

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